Stopping prostitution, an exit strategy

Some sex workers would prefer to find other work. Because it is often difficult to get out of sex work on your own, we would like to help you with this.
The prostitution support workers (PMW) at the Den Bosch Social Welfare Office have extensive experience in helping and supporting sex workers.
Together, we will help address your questions and problems. Maybe you just want to tell your story or maybe you need advice? Whatever the case, we would love to listen to what you have to say.

Anyone making a living from sex can come to us. Whether you work in a club, on the Internet or in any other way. And whether or not you have a residence permit, are a man, woman or transgender, everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter whether you work as a sex worker voluntarily or have been forced into sex work.

We view your work as a profession
Sex work, prostitution; many people find it a difficult subject. You can feel free to talk about it with us. It is not our objective to deprive sex workers of a profession. We help sex workers to prioritise things that are important to them.

What does the program involve?
There are many different reasons for starting sex work and there may be many different reasons why you want to stop. If, for example, you have become disenchanted with the work, this may outweigh whatever else quitting might involve. It’s good to think about what quitting means for you. What will the consequences be? How can you deal with this and do you want to deal with this? Our support worker can support you through the process. You’re considering the pros and cons of quitting sex work and what steps need to be taken to achieve this? Even if you don’t yet know exactly what your question is or if you just want to talk about your work, you can still contact us.

Our range of services is diverse and tailored to your needs. Take, for example:
– Managing your financial affairs;
– Sorting out your administrative paperwork;
– Support in finding another job;
– Looking for accommodation.
– Tackling your addiction;
– Offering a listening ear;
– Dealing with stigma.

Text message
You may have received a text message from us. We regularly visit adult websites to send messages to people who post ads on these websites. We would like you to know that we are here for you! Would you prefer not to receive messages from us? If so, please reply and we will stop sending you messages.

Free of charge
The help we offer you through the exit program is free of charge.

Do you have questions or do you want to quit sex work? Our prostitution support workers are called Ina Koomen and Janneke van Gijs. They can be reached by phone or via the app on 06-30401824.
This can also be anonymous if you prefer.

You can send us an e-mail to

Do you need urgent help or are you in a crisis situation?
The Den Bosch Social Welfare Office can be contacted day and night on 073-6139225. You’ll get through to the receptionist and he or she will put you through.

We work closely together with GGD Hart for Brabant (‘Municipal Health Services in the Heart of Brabant’). In addition, we work together with various organisations so that we can offer you the right help. These include Weener XL (enterprise organisation), addiction support, GGZ (mental health support), housing associations and general practitioners.

About RUPS
The exit programme for prostitutes is part of a national programme supported by the Ministry of Justice and Security. The Social Welfare Office is responsible for implementing the exit programme in the Hertogenbosch and other regions. We work in collaboration with the GGD Hart for Brabant.

View the RUPS newsletters here (dutch)

Interesting links
Nationally, there is already a lot of information available about what you need to think about if starting or stopping sex work. You can find out more information on the pages below. Of course, you can always contact us for more information.
(filmpje van preventiewerk van Scharlaken Koord, dit filmpje wordt gebruikt bij het lesproject “Beware of Loverboys”.)